Monday, January 31, 2011

Nur Fara :)

Heyy , im Nur Farahin binti Mohd Yasin , known as Fara . I'm sweetseventeen this year . smk seri hartamas ( smksh ) I do speak malay and english. HerE'S nOtHiNg SpEciaL boUt me, cUz Im NoT a PerFeCt pErSoN .iM jUzZz mYseLf . aLwAyS DiFFeRenT FroM tHe OthErs . always  apylucky , eAsY gOiNg , nEvA GiVe Up On ThiNgS EaSiLy , aDDiCtEd To eVerythIng , LuRvE TrYiNg sUmtHinG NeW , LuRvE MakiNg StUpiD Jokes , Can'T gO oN LiViNg WiTHoUt My DeaReSt FamiLy+Fwenz !Dat'S jUzZz, mYseLf & i !Happiness cOmeS fRom WitHin . So, aLwayS Love uRseLf fOr wHo YoU ArE , rite ? ahahaaz :) dont say im pretty if you have never met me . dont say im nice if you have never talked to me .dont follow me on my blog if just because you think im cool or .dont say im a freak when im different . dont say im stupid when im smarter than you ? ahahaaz ! dont act like my best friend when you are not even a friend . dont judge me. This my blog, so i can say whatever i want to say. 
Thank you. Enjoy Love yaww  xoxo!

Thanks for reading! ♥

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